Sten Gun - Mark II Airsoft Style

The British made Sten Gun is one of the most classic weapons of World War Two. Designed by Major Reginald Shepherd and Harold Turpin, this Enfield weapon is easily recognizable by the now iconic side mounted magazine. The magazine and housing can be rotated around the barrel to a 90-degree angle, allowing the weapon with magazine to be laid flat. This is great when you are lying down in the dirt, ready to fire! They were produced extensively by the Enfield Royal Small Arms factory from 1941, in order to replace weapons lost at Dunkirk, as the army could not buy enough Thompsons to meet demand. The British Army used them until 1953, when they started to be gradually phased out, until they were fully replaced by the Sterling Submachine Gun in 1960. Stens also saw extensive action in the hands of the Jewish Underground and Israeli army during the 1948 war of Israeli Independence.

Mark II

The version available in airsoft is the Mark II, the most commonly manufactured variant and that which features the famous magazine. However, due to the magazine's double column single feed design, the weapon possessed the same problems as the German MP40, which is prone to jamming. Nevertheless, over 4 million Sten guns were produced, with half of these being MKIIs. They were issued to British and Commonwealth forces, and saw extensive action in both WW2 and the Korean War. Cheap to manufacture, their fully automatic nature meant that at close quarters they far outstripped the firepower of 15 round per minute bolt action rifles, as used by most forces of the time. However, they were also restricted to an effective range of only 100m (110yds) They fired the same 9mm pistol ammunition as the MP40, and the two weapons have many similarities, many aspects of the Sten being copied from the German model.

AGM Airsoft Version

The airsoft version, produced by AGM is available for $170. It is an AEG airsoft, and comes with a lithium battery and a charger. It is 770mm long, and weighs 2.64 kilos. The magazine holds 50 rounds, which are fired at a speed of 290 feet per second. This makes the airsoft version slightly longer and lighter than the military gun, which was 762mm long and weighed 3.2 kilos.

Its iconic design and widespread use makes it a must have for any serious collector. For short-range battlefield power, this weapon still packs a punch and would not only be a great talking piece, but a serious opponent on any airsoft battlefield.