Cheap Airsoft Guns - What Can Your Money Buy?

You don't have to spend a bucketload of cash to buy an airsoft gun - there are plenty of cheap guns on the market. Does cheap mean that you're going to be dealing with some cheap knock-off replica? Not at all. When most people think of cheap they associate it with a product that's going to fall apart in a few weeks. That's not true of airsoft guns especially with some of the cheap airsoft guns coming onto the market from China and Taiwan. These softair guns give you all the features of a top end gun but at about 50% of the normal cost.

So where do you start?

The cheapest airsoft gun you can buy is a spring airsoft gun. They use a basic spring based mechanism to fire the 6mm pellet from the gun. The one annoying thing is that the gun needs to be cocked every time you fire. This is fine for a shotgun maybe or a replica Glock but it can get tiring if you're using say an L85 or Steyr.

Next up we have the gas airsoft guns. These airsoft guns offer more power but you need to keep them topped up with gas to get the most out of them in terms of performance. Gas airsoft can give you fully automatic fire rates but the gun can run out of steam pretty quickly. There are rechargeable pumps that you can carry around with you but they're kinda bulky and lack the power of the Co2 gave you'd normally use.

Last up we have the electric airsoft guns - these are also known as AEG (Airsoft Electric Guns). These guns are the top of the heap when it comes to airsoft. They give you high power and fully automatic fire rates without costing the earth. Inside each electric airsoft gun is a powerful little motor. AEGs still feature a spring but one that's controlled by a motor which allows high speed automatic fire. Cool!

So if you think "cheap airsoft guns" you should really be thinking "value for money airsoft guns". You can get a great airsoft gun for $50. That doesn't make it cheap (ok well kinda) it simply makes it great value for money. Even the really, really fancy airsoft guns (AEGs) at the top end of the spectrum sell for the low hundreds - which is cheap by todays standards eh?

Remember you're buying a high quality, lifesize airsoft military replica that will be the envy of every single on of your friends - how much it costs doesn't matter right?