Airsoft Storage

Now that you have amassed a suitably impressive arsenal, you will need to find somewhere to keep it. Since airsoft guns are replica weapons, it is important to have a proper place to store them. Visitors, children and people with anti-gun sensibilities will want to know that your hobby is as sensible and safe as you know it is. Keeping your airsoft guns in some safe location makes it that bit less likely that some prankster will take out Uncle Larry's eye and leave you with a lawsuit and enraged relatives on your hands. Not only that, but how are you to show off your glorious collection without a suitable container?


There are two main approaches to gun storage - cabinets and hooks. Mounting brackets above the fireplace means that you can keep your airsoft arsenal within easy reach, as well as visible to anyone that happens into your living room. If you choose this option, you will need to keep your ammunition and targets in a separate place, perhaps in a box or cabinet nearby. Brackets and the like are available at all good home improvement stores, and should set you back no more than around $20.


A gun cabinet, while pricy, is a very cool option if you have a larger arsenal. With racks for the different guns, and drawers for the ammunition, you can keep everything together in one place. It will also store all your accessories. You can keep all your safety goggles, armor, tactical vests, targets, and bbs together with your weapons in a different section of your cabinet. If you have a lot of accessories, you can even get another smaller cabinet as well. That way, when you get into airsoft mode and want to get access to your collection all you need is to open the cabinet door. Additionally, it helps to keep it all organized and in good condition and it can even act as a display case.

Cabinet Styles

There are lots of different types of cabinets to consider. A specialist gun cabinet can be good if you have a large collection, and can be bought for between $100 and $200. It will be extremely secure, but you may want a cheaper, more aesthetic option. Second hand shops have a huge range, so one can be found to suit almost any collection. Many cabinets have glass fronts, so you can see your collection even when not in use. If you don't want a glass front, why not pick one out of wood or metal with a suitably military feel. If your budget is an issue, you may want to consider picking one up from an army surplus store. There you'll be able to get a good deal, certainly under $100, as well as pick up something suitable and authentic to keep your airsoft hobby equipment in.


When you take them out of your cabinet to go to an airsoft game with your fellow hobbyists keep them in a proper holdall or locked container until you get to your game area. You don't want to be picked up by the police for having unlicensed weapons, so have an easy way of identifying your weapons as airsoft.