Airsoft Spring Handguns

Airsoft spring handguns (also known as springers) give you a lot of hard wearing, fun in a small package and at a very low price - they're a quick and easy way to get into airsoft as a hobby without breaking the bank.

Airsoft spring handguns work the same way as all spring airsoft guns. When you draw the topslide back it compresses a spring and draws air into a chamber inside the gun. When you pull the trigger the spring releases and compresses the air and forces the airsoft bb to be shot from the gun.

SIG Sauer P226 Spring

Airsoft handguns should deliver a firepower of between 150 and 300 feet per second which is more than enough for backyard plinking. Be careful with spring pistols indoors - a ricochet will come back at you way faster than you can duck believe me.

The main feature of spring airsoft pistols is that they're scale replicas and this really catches your eye when you see them. The Glock models look and feel really nice (especially because the Glock is ceramic and plastic in nature already) and the Desert Eagle is even more impressive.

You need to handle any airsoft gun with care because of how real they look. All new airsoft spring handguns have an orange flash at the end of the barrel to prevent the guns being mistaken for the real thing by police.

Because spring airsoft guns don't cost the earth they're an ideal way to get yourself into the airsoft hobby. They're also very reliable and once you invest in a decent handgun it will serve you well for a long time.

Some popular springer handguns are:

  • Sig Sauer

  • Glock

  • Beretta

  • Desert Eagle

Find a great range of springer airsoft handguns online.