Finding The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle For You

If you're a serious airsoft gamer or fan then ultimately you'll want to own your own airsoft sniper rifle. It's a lot of fun running around shooting off dozens of rounds like a junior Rambo but it takes a lot more skill and patience to sit quietly and wait for your target to come into view. Or to put on a ghillie suit and crawl several dozen yards to sneak up on your target. It's also a lot of fun!

Airsoft M14 Sniper Rifle Kit 1

Airsoft sniper rifles are mostly spring powered but you can get them in AEG models also. Most airsoft snipers will want the single shot intensity of a bolt lever action sniper rifle. For those of you who are major electric airsoft fans then you can buy yourself an AEG sniper rifle if you really want one.

Airsoft sniper rifles come as either just a standalone rifle or as part of a kit. The standalone models just have the basic rifle whereas the kit normally features at least a scope and bipod if not more.

Most airsoft sniper rifles come with either a 30+ round magazine for long term plinking or other models (like the Super 9 airsoft range) come with replica shells that are loaded into the rifle itself. Each shell contains a single 6mm bb so you get the realistic action of loads the shells and then ejecting them as each round is used up.

Airsoft sniper rifles (especially the spring models) can be very accurate and with some practice you can easily start targetting small coins from quite some distance. You're normally better of using a 25g bb with sniper rifles - it gives you the best range, accuracy and "damage" as compared to the lighter grades of bb which can tend to spin off target over about 5 - 8 metres.

Some of the more popular airsoft sniper rifles are:

If you're wanting to get into the sniper mood then you might want to watch some of these movies or get into some sniper gameplay.

Famous sniper movies - great if you want to get into the whole sniper groove: Enemy At The Gates, Sniper, The Shooter

Sniper games: Sniper Elite

Buy yourself an airsoft sniper rifle today.