The M1 Garand Rifle - Now Available in Airsoft!

The M1 Garand is a gun that went down in the history books. It's often been described as the "rifle that won the war" and has since become iconic of the entire second world war. Introduced as the worlds first semi-automatic rifle in the late 1930s it quickly replaced the aging bolt-action Springfield 303 (1903) as the weapon of choice for the US armed forces. Remarkably the gun was used extensively during World War II, the Korean War and right up to the Vietnam War but was eventually replaced by the M14 in the late 1950's and the of course by the M16 shortly afterwards. That being said it's still in active use today by many Army drill teams in the US and abroad.

m1 garand

The rifle itself was remarkably easy to use and has a unique clip-based loading system - referred to as "en bloc". This simply mean that the rifle didn't rely on an external ammunition magazine but rather on a clip of 8 rounds which was slotted into the top of the M1 itself. This particular loading system meant that the clip was automatically ejected once the final round has been fired. The ejection of the clip was followed by a loud "ping" noise which pretty much became the trademark sound of the rifle itself. If you need further proof watch Saving Private Ryan - the M1 was used by many of the Army Ranger assault teams.

It doesn't stop there for airsoft fans - you have all the accessories to choose from including protective face masks and body armor to harnesses,  and even pop-up airsoft targets for keeping your skills sharp. You can even go as far as adding a Tasco tactical lamp or even a laser sight.

So you're looking for an M1 Garand airsoft gun for sale? You're in luck. WWII replica airsoft guns are becoming increasingly popular and authentic. One of the finest M1 airsoft guns is manufactured by a company called Marushin. They offer a gas blowback version which looks and acts just like the real thing. The gas firing model means that you'll see noticeable recoil and "kick" when the M1 is fired. It also fires the larger and heavier 8mm 0.34g bb - as opposed to the standard 6mm airsoft bb used by most weapons. It also boasts a firing speed of 240fps - this combined with the 8mm bb should lead to higher accuracy and provide more damage to whatever target you're using. The really neat feature is that once you've fired the final round the ammo clip ejects from the airsoft model just like the real thing.A wooden body and metal barrel and trigger assembly really add to the overall authenticity of this airsoft rifle.

For any militaria fan the M1 Garand is a truly classic weapon and something we all want in our collections. The fact that you can get such a convincing airsoft replica just makes it all the more tempting to own don't you think?