MP40 - A World War II Classic Airsoft Gun

Underneath the surface, the Schmeisser MP40 is a submachine gun. But unlike other submachine guns, it has a fairly low rate of fire, which may sound like a disadvantage, but along with its lower recoil, this makes the gun incredibly easy to handle. It also means that while the gun is fully automatic and has no other setting, a skilled operator with a steady hand can easily just let off one shot at a time.

The gun generally had good reliability and has been used widely in conflicts, but one major problem with the design is the way that the magazine is designed. It uses a single feed system meaning that at the feed end, a double width of cartridges must squeeze into a single width chamber. This resulted in huge amounts of friction, and meant it was prone to jamming. But this wasn't the only problem, as debris also caused the gun to jam, managing to enter the mechanisms very easily. It's reported that before long in service, German soldiers learnt to give the gun a good bash to free it of debris and get it working again.

Schmeisser MP40 AEG

Due to their huge firepower and danger in close combat, they were never issued to regular soldiers, but instead were generally reserved for paratroopers and squad leaders, who were very good at handling high power guns. Popular media, both films and video games, gives the opposite impression, showing them as being common guns, but this isn't the case.

If however you're already a hardcore airsoft fan then AGM make a great MP40. This gun is one of the most realistic on the market and won't drain your pockets, well not too much at around $200, which, considering you can pay twice this isn't too bad. But price here isn't a compromise of quality, as the gun has a great rate of fire, high power and great accuracy, as well as the looks of a classic World War 2 veteran.