AEG (airsoft electric gun) Airsoft Guns

The top of the pile in airsoft guns are the AEG guns. AEG stands for airsoft electric gun but you'll also hear people calling them eletric airsoft guns. It's all the same thing in the end- AEG are the most desirable yet affordable airsoft guns on the market today. There's so many different types of AEG that sometimes just deciding which one you want the most is the tough part!

Jing Gong G36C Electric Airsoft Rifle (G608)

So what makes an airsoft electric rifle tick? Inside each AEG is a small but very powerful motor powered by a battery pack. This is where all the fun begins. When you pull the trigger a simple electrical circuit kicks in and the motor inside the AGE starts spinning and builds up pressure inside the gun. The pressure then fires the piston inside the gun forward compressing air behind the bb and it gets fired down the barrel of the gun.

Because they're battery powered electic airsoft rifles and guns are extremely portable plus you don't have to worry about running out of gas at any point or having to cock the gun each time (like spring airsoft guns). They're also extremely accurate and you tend to get constant "power" in each shot fired until the battery drains completely. The battery is always stored out of sight - in the stock or handle of the gun itself so you won't have any ugly bulges on your sweet new AEG!

Airsoft guns are powerful too - most of them are capable of between 300 and 500 feet per second. This is enough to shred a tin can from a single magazine - a great way to destress after a hard day in work eh? Especially you go fully auto electric and just unload hundreds of rounds in under a minute.

So what's the best AEG gun for a beginner? Most people tend to stay with something traditional so AK47s, M16, M4s and G36s are always popular. There's no single best gun - just make sure that your AEG kit contains everything you need. Some companies will sell you an electric airsoft without the battery - you have to buy it separately. Make sure everthing you need is in the box!

ICS AK74 AEG Kit 1

AEGs are very popular with airsoft wargames because they give you a lot of portable power and most airsoft electrics are assault rifle models (although you can get pistols, sniper rifles and even mini aegs if you want). The hobby of airsoft wargaming is growing around the world and you can expect to hear about it soon.