Airsoft Rifles and Airsoft Assault Rifles

Airsoft kinda makes the dream of every kid that never grew up come true. They let every big kid own that replica gun he could never own as a kid. The gun his hero had or the one he saw in a war movie. It was only when the kid got to his 20's or 30's that he could actually afford the toy he'd always wanted!

There's something about airsoft guns. Something you can't put into words. It's that desire to have your own personal G36 or M16. Some people won't ever understand that - tens of thousands of airsoft fans know that desire. The appreciation of the craftsmanship. The mean look of the gun itself. Some guns are just plain bad ass and you need to own them.

Carbine Panther M16 A1

Airsoft rifles can be quite heavy as they're designed to be a close replica of the actual gun itself. They give you a rough idea of what it might be like to handle the rifle or assault rifle in real life.

There are hundreds of different models of airsoft rifles and assault rifles but some of the most popular are as follows:

Airsoft rifles are available in the following types:

Spring Rifles

Spring powered airsoft rifles tend to be the most powerful with muzzle velocities of over 300ft per second. The major drawback though is that you have to manually cock the weapon for each shot. This takes some of the fun out of handling an assualt rifle replica and a major reason why electric airsoft and gas airsoft rifles are such big sellers - you can go airsoft full auto and go a bit nuts!

Gas Rifles

Gas powered airsoft rifles are portable and also pack a punch when fired. These rifles can go fully automatic but the gas charge can deplete pretty fast. This means either carrying around cans of compressed gas for the rifle or lugging a recharging pump around with you. Gas power is more suited to either airsoft handguns or rifles if you're not going out to play airsoft wargames.

Electric Rifles

Also known as AER (Automatic Electric Rifles) or AEGS (Airsoft Electric Gun) these are the most popular type of airsoft rifle because they're highly portable, battery powered, powerful, accurate and reliable. Fill up a clip set the assault rifle or pistol to full auto and let rip. Nothing blows off steam better than shredding paper targets or some tin cans at the bottom of your yard.

Marui AK47

You'll spend a little bit more cash on an airsoft rifle than a pistol but you'll be SO happy that you did!