Blowback Airsoft Guns - All The Style and Power You Can Handle

Gas airsoft guns are extremely popular because they give you plenty of power and at least semi-automatic capability. In the world if airsoft they give you power and portability all wrapped up in a neat little package. But not all airsoft gas handguns are created equal. Oh no. When you take the step up and buy yourself a gas blowback gun you're entering a whole new world of airsoft.

Gas blowback guns are powerful and they cost a little bit more money but you get what you pay for. They might not be for the faint hearted either - a gas blowback gun can fire rounds at well over 300 feet per second with some models shooting at 400 feet per second or more. You get hit by a buddy firing one of these guns and you'll know all about it!

Why are they called blowback guns? That's just because when you fire the gun the top slide moves backwards when you fire each shot - just like in the movies. It adds to the whole realism of owning a high quality airsoft handgun.

When you're shopping for a blowback gun look for the semi-automatic or fully automatic models. Yep even in handguns you can get full auto fire rates with this type of airsoft gun. Oh and make sure the clip with the gun can hold 50+ bbs otherwise you're gonna run out of firepower in the middle of your airsoft shootout! It also means you spend a lot less time reloading the gun even if you're just plinking at home; it just saves you a few small headaches in advance.

You can get paintballs bbs for gas airsoft guns but you really need to be careful using them. If they break inside your gun they can cause permanent damage or just cause the gun to be useless because you can't unstick the shatter paintpall pellet inside it.

You love airsoft guns? Then you Have To try out a gas blowback gun - you won't be sorry!