The M4 Carbine - Now in Airsoft!

Everything about the M4 Carbine, as its formally called, says that it's a modern gun. From its sleek black look and too many on board gadgets to count, to its tiny weight of just 6.9lb when fully stocked up and amazing rate of 950 rounds fired per minute.

The gun is mainly used by NATO countries, and as such it made sense for it to fire NATO cartridges; 5.56x45mm to be precise. The gun itself is fed bullets by a magazine, is operated by gas, cooled by air and is a selective fire weapon.

The M4 is an incredibly versatile weapon, largely due to its four position telescoping stock, enabling it to be carried around easily, and set up to fire very quickly. The original version's stock was flat ended, but newer ones are moulded to a shoulder shape, making them more comfortable to use.

m4 airsoft

It's also smaller than standard assault rifles, hence the name 'Carbine', which along with its folding stock make it perfect for infantry, vehicle drivers, close quarters combat, airborne combat and for special services. In fact, USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) have now taken on the M4 as their preferred weapon.

As if this gun couldn't get any better, it comes with the facility to accessorise, allowing soldiers to add a variety of gadgets designed to improve the accuracy and power. Its MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail enables you to stick on night vision, telescopic sights, laser sights, bipods, even a grenade launcher or shotgun if it takes your fancy.

However, if you're fighting in desert conditions, like where wars are currently taking place in the middle east, then the M4 may not be your best ally. In autumn 2007, ten M4s were taken to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, along with the same number of HK XM8s, HK 416s and FNH SCARs, to test in a sandstorm environment. Each of the forty guns had to fire 6000 rounds, with the M4 jamming 882 times, more than three times that of any of the other guns.

If you want a replica M4 to play airsoft with, then go speak to the guys at ICS. They'll fix you up with something that could get you in trouble with the police, as it just looks so realistic.

The metallic components, the shine, and the purposeful weight make this one of the best airsoft guns on the market. It fires at over 300 feet per second, and at an alarming rate. Although the speed isn't that great, no compromise is made in accuracy, as the sights allow you to pinpoint and strike your exact target.