Is Body Armor Required for Airsoft?

While Airsoft usually begins as a mild interest for people, it can soon become a near-obsession. First you purchase the gun, some extra ammunition and the various gadgets to go along, then you find yourself buying targets and other small accessories for their new toy. Eventually they find themselves in the full-blown Airsoft fan stage, and next thing you know you are entangled in Airsoft war games. At this point you will find yourself investing in tactical and safety clothing for personal protection. The extent you decide to invest in this tactical and safety clothing comes down to how realistic you want your Airsoft war game experiences to be. If you are wondering which of the vast array of non-obligatory items you should purchase, beyond safety glasses, body armor is probably your next step in the Airsoft lifestyle.

Reasons to Wear Body Armor

While Airsoft BBs may be small, they can really hurt when they hit unprotected skin, and can cause bruises where they hit. While paintballs are hollow, BBs are solid and don't break when they hit you. There are a wide variety of lightweight vests with small plastic plates to protect sensitive body parts. Most Airsoft body armor has the added advantage of looking a lot like the real thing, making them especially popular for minors, and adding to the atmosphere of realism for kids and adults alike. You might consider a body vest/tactical vest combination which can hold you a lot of trouble as it will hold all the loose accessories for your Airsoft gun such as BBs, CO2 cartridges, gas, and any number of other small objects. Tactical vests are available as either a harness or sleeveless jacket style.

Different Types of Body Armor

The Ranger Body Armor was standard issue for the U.S. Army Rangers and acts as a carrier by accepting Kevlar inserts and 10 x 12 plates. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps and a waist cummberbund which forms a secure fit for each user. It comes with two removable fake soft armor plates, making it perfect for Airsoft, and is well built and constructed.

The BT Paintball Bulletproof Chest Protector offers full core protection, on the chest, back, shoulder, and outer arm. It has moisture wicking stretch panels under the arms and down the side, and high density padding. This particular chest protector has pads placed for comfort while shooting your Airsoft.

The Matrix Tactical Systems Navy Seal Light Fighter Tactical Body armor is to be worn in operations where speed and mobility are necessary, such as in Airsoft war games. The Matrix has a stylish "Black Hawk" look, and is lightweight and constructed of real military grade fabric. There is a built in Admin pouch which holds a flashlight, as well as a loop for drinking tube. The Matrix comes with adjustable shoulder straps, a durable rescue pull, and has a Velcro strap in the back for team patches. If you want a lightweight vest with full protection, try the Matrix.

Whichever body armor you choose, you will gain much more enjoyment from Airsoft war games when you are fully protected by the newest, lightweight body armor.