HKMP5 Airsoft Guns

What has become the benchmark for all gun manufacturers to aspire to, the Heckler and Koch MP5, is the result of years of effort to put amazing range, firepower, reliability and control into one small gun. The MP5 achieves this perfectly, and is widely regarded as being one of the best firearms ever produced, and performs so well, that it's become one of the few that everyone has heard of.

Less than two years after the gun was first drafted in 1964, it was released and rapidly taken up by the German Army and police for military combat and law enforcement. In 2008, it's now manufactured across the globe, a scale of production that is vital to supply the firearm to the 40 countries that use it for national protection.

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Many people like the fact that this apparent wonder-gun is coupled with a simple name; MP5. It doesn't have the same ring to it as the Uzi or even Bazooka, but then something this special doesn't need fancy names to improve on its image. If you don't use it because of the poor name, then its your loss - there's still a million other people dying to get one.

It's even better than the top Hollywood actors. Chris Cooper had to audition for his role in last year's 'The Kingdom', the MP5 was chosen with no hesitation, because its excellence is so well known, and the same has happened in countless other films over the years.

While it's incredibly difficult to perfect perfection, the newest variation of the MP5, the MP5F does make the original gun just a little bit better. The F stand's for French, and does so because it was down to the wishes of the French to use extremely hot 9mm bullets in the MP5 that the gun was altered. The original MP5 couldn't hold the heat, and Heckler and Koch had to adapt it to take these bullets as it secured an order of 35,000 guns.

Just as much of a superstar in its own field, Tokyo Marui's airsoft MP5 is one of the most intricate designs on any airsoft gun, and performs like it's real life cousin. It has a firing rate of 280 feet per second, and is amazingly accurate up to about 90 feet, although the electric motor will fire considerably further than that.

One thing that has been praised heavily with this gun is the sight, which is very accurate, and the fact that if you still don't like it you can easily customise it, as well as various other aspects of the gun.