Taking Airsoft Wargames To The Next Level - Airsoft Shotguns

Airsoft pistols and rifles are popular - there's no two ways about that. But there's always a certain attraction to airsoft shotguns that nobody can really explain. You see shotguns in the movies and it's always a real tough guys weapon. Shotguns are always used by guys in the movies who'd think sniping is for wussies. Up close and personal - the only way to go. Basically shotguns have been seen as kinda cool and airsoft shotguns are seen the exact same way.

Spring Tactical M515 Pump Action Shotgun FPS-200 Flashlight Airsoft Gun

There's lots of airsoft shotguns to choose from. You can start off with a classic double barrelled shotgun. The double barrelled type are available as a gas airsoft with two shells that you need to load before the gun is fired - which adds nicely to the realism of the gun. That and the gas gives the gun a little bit of kickback when it's fired!

Spring power works well on airsoft shotguns because people expect to have to cock a shotgun to fire it in real life so why should airsoft be any different? Most airsoft shotguns are spring powered and tend to be the tactical style shotgun you'd expect to see in use by the police and armed forces.

You also get to choose from shotguns with a stock or the cutaway models which just have a pistol grip. It's about a 50/50 split on how many of each different type of shotgun is on the market. It's all down to personal preference really when you're buying an airsoft shotgun - full stock or cutaway? Your choice.

Airsoft shotguns are single shot affairs but they can hold about 40 rounds so you don't have to load a new pellet every single time (that'd be downright awkward). This means you can reload the shotgun quickly and get back into the fight. Airsoft shotguns tend to be used more in urban combat airsoft wargames because that's where they're at their best.

Now how cool would you look with a tatical airsoft shotgun slung over your back during airsoft games?


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