Airsoft Targets - Keep Your Shooting Sharp

Regardless of whether or not you already own an airsoft gun or are just shopping for one online you're going to have the same problem as all airsoft owners - something to shoot at. Airsoft guns and rifles can be used indoors and outdoors and are relatively safe to use in a wide variety of circumstances and situations. Most airsoft owners tend to opt for firing at tin cans or printable airsoft targets. Are they the only air soft gun targets on the market? Nope. There are two specially designed types of airsoft targets to increase your airsoft fun - and save you money.

Ok I know you're sitting there now asking "Ummm well how can specially designed airsoft targets save me money genius!?" That's easy enough to answer. Airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic bbs. These come in a wide variety of colors and weights but they all share one common flaw - they're incredibly easy to lose indoors and one hundred times easier to lose outdoors. They're just that small that they're very hard to find at the best of times. Now these airsoft bbs don't cost a fortune but nobody wants to waste money these days so why not do what you can to save money on your airsoft hobby?

A proper airsoft gun target can help you keep more of your bbs in two very simple but very effective ways. There are two basic types of airsoft targets which are suitable for all types of airsoft guns. They are:

Sticky Targets

These are a small round target coated with a sticky film so when you fire your airsoft bbs at it they get stuck and don't go missing. This also doubles up as proof (or not) of how accurate you are with your airsoft weapon. A simple but very effective way of keeping your airsoft bbs in one place.

Sticky Targets Airsoft Gun Accessory

"Catcher" Targets

These are a little more complicated than the sticky targets. This type of target device has several small targets which reset themselves when hit - normally this is an electronic function. Behind this set of small targets is a simple net to catch all your bbs in one nice, neat little corner. Once target practice is over you can simply empty the net back into your bb speed loader.

Automatic Reset Targets Airsoft Gun Accessory

Either of the above types of airsoft target can be used indoors or outdoors although both are obviously going to be far more effective in saving your airsoft bbs when used indoors. The final choice is yours however.